Discover the health benefits of yoga

Individualized sessions are customized to fit your age, level of experience and body type. Private sessions last one hour.

Sessions will focus on various topics such as deepening your practice, working through injuries and overcoming personal limitations.

Benefits of Yoga

Increases flexibility and strength  |  Lubricates joints, ligaments and tendons  |  Tones and lengthens muscles, creating ease and freedom of movement  |  Strengthening of muscles, creating muscle mass and physical power, stamina  |  Increased balance creating agility and confidence in movement  |  Improved posture through spinal alignment  |  Improved respiration, circulation, elimination, & detoxification  |  Deep feelings of well being, personal power, peace, gratitude, personal freedom  |  Mental clarity  |  Improved sleep patterns



Private yoga sessions

Yoga classes can be done at your home

Corporate yoga

Yoga classes can be done at work.

desk yoga 

Learn to stretch at your desk regularly and safely. All stretches can be done at your desk, in your chair or standing.